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  1. Prince Philip: Equestrian Life

    Prince Philip: Equestrian Life

    © Punnn / Shutterstock.com The late Prince Philip's lifelong love of horses and equestrian life reinvented equestrian sport, according to friends who shared his passion. The Duke of Edinburgh represented Great Britain in both carriage driving and polo, winning many...
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  2. Horse Racing: The History

    Horse Racing: The History

    © gabriel12 / Shutterstock.com The sport of horse racing employs more than 85,000 people in the UK, with many of them caring for Britain's 14,000 race horses' needs. It is known as the "sport of kings" because the royal family...
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  3. Follyfoot


    A much-loved children's television series, Follyfoot was set in a sanctuary for abandoned horses. Aimed at making a statement about the poor treatment of horses and other animals in British society, it carried a remarkably hard-hitting modern message, despite being...
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  4. John Whitaker: Show Jumping Royalty

    John Whitaker: Show Jumping Royalty

    In a top-level career, spanning four decades, the legendary British show jumper John Whitaker has won an astounding 21 medals at Olympic, World and European championships and has competed in five consecutive Olympic Games - in 1980, 1984, 1992, 1996...
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  5. Princess Anne: A Passion for Horses

    Princess Anne: A Passion for Horses

    Princess Anne's famous love of horses began in childhood and has continued throughout her life. Now aged 70, she is the first British Royal to have competed in the Olympic Games. The Princess Royal's equestrian career has recently been depicted...
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  6. Martin Clunes: His Love of Horses

    Martin Clunes: His Love of Horses

    Many people know Martin Clunes as a talented actor who has starred in a multitude of great TV shows, such as the long-running sitcom Men Behaving Badly and the ITV drama series Doc Martin. What fans might not know is...
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  7. Post Riders

    Post Riders

    When you see today's mail vans delivering letters and parcels up and down the country, spare a thought for the post riders, who used to do the job before the days of motorised transport. The horse and rider postal delivery...
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  8. The Police Horse

    The Police Horse

    Police horses are a familiar sight on our streets today, playing an important role in crowd control at large public events such as football matches, protests, and carnivals. They can also be seen patrolling the streets and parks regularly as...
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